Monday, January 26, 2009

Slight frustration and good advice

So I had a stressed out panic yesterday. My spa had booth at the Bridal Show yesterday and as I stood there and looked around at all of the brides and wedding stuff I just kept thinking about things I need to do and how we were exactly 3 months away.

So as soon as I got home, even though I was exhausted and had a killer headache, I decided I had to get some stuff done. I started to work on the wedding favors/place cards. If you look at an earlier blog post I put up pictures of an early version of the magnets. Well the plan has changed slightly. Now they all look like playing cards and will have inviduals names on them and double as place cards. I had not figured out the best way to execute this and decided that last night was going to be the night I figured it out. I took pictures of different versions I had worked on and sent them to my mom. She helped a little but more than that gave me good advice she said "It doesn't sound like you're having fun anymore" I said that I wasn't I was stressed and had been looking at them too long so I couldn't make a decision. She told me to stop and pick it up in the morning. I maintained that I had to get it done and so she told me to enlist the help of my Matron of Honor. I sent her the pics and she gave me her opinion and helped talk me through the other desicions that needed to be made.

As soon as I get a few made I will post some pics.

Now on to finding shoes for my bridesmaids. That is the next task that is causing me stress but already Dryden and Megan and Carmen have stepped up to help look for something.

I'm waiting to hear from my designer for a proof on the invitations. If I don't hear anything this week then that will be the stress I freak out over next.

Next up Showers....

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Emily said...

I have to agree with your mom on the "having fun" part. It should be an exciting planning process, not a stressful time of your life. Easier said than done, though. Let me know if I can help at all. And Noah and I want to have you guys over for dinner soon if you have the time. I'll call as soon as I get the chance. Love you!