Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Engagement

Chris proposed to me on my 27th birthday. We were in the living room getting ready to head out to my birthday dinner. Chris asked me if I wanted my present before we headed out and I said sure. Out of his pocket he pulled a little red heart shaped box. He said it was just another ring that he thought I'd like (refering to the one he gave me for valentines day). I opened it and inside was my great grandmothers engagement ring. I squeled as he took the ring out of the box and said "and I was wondering if you would marry me?" he slide the ring onto my finger as I said "yes of course!" We hugged and cried.

We went to his parents house to tell them first since they lived on the way to the resturant. They were thrilled and welcomed me to the family.

we stopped by my parents house on the way home from the resturant and of course I called mom to make sure they were awake and she asked "do you have some big news for us!?" Cause lets face it Gina knows all. They were thrilled as well and welcomed Chris to the family.

The ring belonged to my Great Grandmother Carrie Bond. She left it to me and I have always wanted it as my own engagement ring. It has 6 small diamonds surrounding another small diamond in the center. The setting is intricate filagrie. The ring is about 85 years old. Chris had to have it sized and the jewler wanted to buy it off of him.

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