Thursday, May 28, 2009


The wedding theme came together beautifully. I was very pleased. I think it was ovious without being tacky and cheap. I think I was able to maintain the sort of elegance that a wedding deserves. I tried to pay attention to the details and I think that is what truly payed of in the end.

The teapots on the tables worked beautifully

A girl at work even painted on for me as a wedding present


My friend Mark also came through with hookas just like the catepillar. He even lit them up for us later in the night.

The favors evolved some after the initial idea but I think we ended up with something even better. They were all personalized with the guest names. I used the same general idea that I mentioned in a previous post with the dominoes and magnets I just changed the look. instead of the classic Alice in Wonderland Pictures I made them look like playing cards.

They were all Hearts cause it was a wedding after all. (and the queen of hearts! it all works)

They were laid out on a card table that I borrowed from my grandmother. It was a bout 3 weeks before the wedding when I was trying to figure out the logistics of the favors when I realized I had a card table cover of my Grandmothers (my fathers mother) that was PERFECT!

The cake.....Oh my goodness the cake!! We had a cupcake tower. When we met with the baker we told her about the theme and I told her I wanted some of the cupcakes the say "Eat Me" (just not make anyone grow or shrink) and the rest to have flowers on them (we wanted it to be pretty and not just a tower of bossy cupcakes) Well she delieverd just as we asked on the cupcakes. Then we told her we wanted a little 6 inch cake on top so we could have something to freeze for the first anniversary. We told her that we didn't really care how she decorated it. We had seen her work, we trusted her to do something pretty. Well she took the theme and ran with it and we were BLOWN AWAY with what we got!!!!

I also made wine markers and read "Drink Me" to identify drinks as people got up and dance but also to help bring home the theme. And I also tied tags around the programs that said "Read me".

All in all I'm super pleased with how it turned out. It was the exactly as I had imagined it, maybe even better.

But more important than anything I have commited myself to the love of my life. My wonderful Husband!


Jenniffer said...


Thank you SO much for (1) allowing me to do the cake for your special day, and (2) for writing such sweet comments about it. We really had a fun time making it!

I would absolutely love it if you could e-mail me some of the photographers pictures of the cake, or at least send the photographer's contact info. I would really like some pro photos so that I can include that cake in my marketing materials!

Thanks again!
jen [at] cupadeecakes [dot] com

Jenniffer said...

Hey Carrie! Small world, huh? Congrats on "winning" the Cake Wrecks contest with me! Liked the bit about Lenin-Aid! :D