Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wedding Crafts

I have begun my crafts for the wedding.

I have always wanted my reception to have an "Alice In Wonderland" theme. I've talked about it since high school so it was not inspired by Ashley Simpson. In fact I'm pretty sure she got the idea from me.

The theme goes perfectly with the location since we are having a garden wedding.

The first craft was the wine markers. I wanted tags on the wine glasses that read "drink me" I've decided it only makes sense to use them as wine markers. Guests can write their names on one side of the tags so they don't lose their drinks.

The next craft I've been working on has been the favors. I wanted something practical that I could pull of fairly inexpensively. so I made magnets.

I took classic Alice in Wonderland images and modgepodged them to dominoes and attached magnet strips to the backs. I wrote the wedding date in the extra space on the dominoes.

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